St. John's Church

Christian Church

In a land of great diversity and complexity, Mehrauli is no exception. If you follow the stairs of Adham Kahn's Tomb and cross the the churning traffic of this transportation hub, you will find yourself in a small sub-neighborhood dedicated to one of the world's major religions. The Hindu ohms and Muslim Arabic script, dressing the surrounding buildings, is exchanged for Christian iconography.

While there is a clear demarkation of religious belief being made, St. John's Church simultaneously recognizes the various religious traditions of Mehrauli. Its front gate is a direct homage to the Mughal forts with Urdu calligraphy carefully engraved above its archway. Rising above the structure is a sikhara, a tall narrow dome originating Hindu architecture and used in Jain designs. With a cross fixed atop, the church acts as a peculiar collage to the neighborhood as a whole while maintaining a distinct identity.

Still active today with its worship services and annual Christmas decorations, St. John's contributes to the ever exciting cultural fabric of Mehrauli.
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- Period: 1927 - Hours: Daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: Modest Clothes
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