Rajon ki Baoli

Step Wall, Mosque From Lodi Era

Walking down the crunching gravel walk while caws of nearby peacocks emanate from the trees, the small jungle of Mehrauli gathers around. In the middle of the Mehrauli Archeological Park, peer around trees until you catch a glimpse the rugged remains of Rajon ki Baoli.

It's believed to have been built during Sikander Lodi's reign as a well and place of retreat for the surrounding rajon (masons). A mosque rises to the right above the baoli (step well). Stepping downward, the stairs descend into the waters with an arcade of columns wrapping around three of its sides.

In the past the masons would have come to the baoli to collect fresh water, but now the site acts peaceful retreat from the churning center of Mehrauli.
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- Period: Around 15th Century - Hours: Daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: No Special Requirements
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