Gandhak Ki Baoli

Step Wall From 13th Century

Walking down road on the edge of the Mehrauli Village, you will catch sight of worshipers headed to the nearby Dargah or smell the savory scents of tandoori ovens churning out delicious food.

Just short of a series of restaurants is the Gandhak ki Baoli, one of Mehrauli’s historic step wells. Gandhak, meaning sulfur, speaks of the once useful cleaning properties of the water. Historically people would venture down the stairs of the well and use the water to bathe and wash their clothing.

The water now has lost some of his storied luster, yet it remains an important site in the community. It stands as a reminder of the historic roots of Mehrauli, and speaks of the new living chapter of Mehrauli’s story. To this day you can find local kids escaping the summer heat using the baoli (step well) as a cool pool and respite.
Quick Reference

- Period: Sultanate Period - Hours: Daytime - Cost: Free of Cost - Attire: No Special Requirements
Additional Information

Due to a recent accident, this stepwell often remains locked and cannot be accessed without special permission. You can, however, still peer through the locked gate and see the basic structure of the stepwell.
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