Sabzi Mandi


Following the dense and varied texture of Market Street, the energy of modern day Mehrauli churns around you. You catch brief glances of the Mehrauli of yesterday with its remnants of aged sandstone, vestigial forms of historic havelis and unique stretching archways.

One such archway breaks the rhythm of the surrounding dukaans (shops). Its multi-foil opening, though stripped of its lower portion, bears testament to the skill of Mughal craftsmen. Entering you will be met by a vibrant palette of colors. The reds of fresh tomatoes, deep purples of onions and greens of peppers form a living tapestry.

From the hours preceding sunrise to early evening, the Sabzi Mandi is a thriving hive of activity. Sabzi walas (vegetable sellers) sitting in the midst of tall stacks of vegetables call out to passing shoppers, and the rich and palpable energy of the Sabzi Mandi reminds one that historic Mehrauli continues to live and breathe in these new times.
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- Period: Modern - Hours: Sunrise - Sunset - Cost: 0 (For Entry) - Attire: No Special Requirements
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