Ashiq Allah Dargah

Sufi Dargah (Shrine)

Passing by the white walled Eidgah and walking down the bumpy decline, you will be welcomed by the embrace of the sprawling Sanjay Van forest and the vibrant yellow walls of the Ashiq Allah Dargah.

Before you walk up the stairs, you remove your shoes and ladies cover their heads. You will immediately take notice of the striking colors of this site. Bright yellow, saturate greens, cool blues — all remind you of the energetic nature of this dynamic land. They are strangely juxtaposed to the pervasive quiet of the reverent purpose of the Dargah.

You plod your way up and down the peculiar topography of the site, taking into view the gatherings of worshippers, seeking the favor of Allah or offering their humble gifts of devotion. They go to the dargahs (tomb of Sufi saints), light incense or perhaps pray in the small cave where the saints of old once gathered.

For those visiting, the Ashiq Allah Dargah provides an enticing insight into the secluded worship of the people of Mehrauli.
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- Period: 1317 AD - Hours: Daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: Modest Clothes And Dupatta (Head Coverings) For Women
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