Adham Khan's Tomb (Bhool Bhulaiya)

Tomb From Mughal Era

Located near the bus stand and Aggarwal’s Sweets, Adham Khan’s Tomb overlooks an intersection churning with activity. Unlike the treats of Aggarwal’s, this site documents a bitter moment in Mehrauli history.

Adham Khan was the foster brother of Akbar the Great, the Mughal emperor and became infamous for killing Shamsuddin Atgah Khan, a close relation to the emperor. For his wrongdoings, Adham Khan was executed by being hurled twice from the wall of Agra Fort. Despite the betrayal Akbar still deeply cared for his foster brother, so he constructed this tomb in his memory.

But rather than building a typical square tomb, as typical for the Mughals, Adham Khan’s tomb is a distinct octagonal shape, typical of Lodhi architecture. The Lodhis were considered by the Mughals to be traitors of the highest regard. So with this tomb Akbar simultaneously honored his foster brother and reminded his subjects of the great betrayal perpetrated by Adham Khan.

Many locals today may not know the history of Adham Khan or even call the structure by this name. Instead they know it as Bhool Bhulaiya, which roughly translates to “maze.” In the walls of the tomb are narrow stairs and pathways. They cut through the interior of the structure creating a networked web of pathways. Legend says that a young couple once explored the maze one night and has yet to be seen ever again…

So whether you come to see some interesting architecture, ponder some history or entertain old ghost stories, Adham Kahn’s Tomb has something for everyone. Grab a snack from Aggarwal’s and dance your way through the traffic and up the stairs to this magnificent piece of Mehrauli history.
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- Period: 1562 AD - Hours: daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: No Special Requirements
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