Retreat Area And Waterfall From Mughal Era

The Mughal royalty would retreat to Mehrauli, seeking a getaway from the monsoon season’s heat. They would reside in the Zafar Mahal or other historic buildings. But when they became bored of their personal residences, they went to the Jharna.

The Jharna, translating directly to “waterfall”, was fed by the closely adjacent Shamsi Talab. Tracing the water’s flow, the Mughals would follow a beautiful procession from the Jahaz Mahal down to the tucked away Jharna. There they would lounge by the water under shade trees, entertaining themselves with music and singing.

Today, you too can partake in the luxury of the Mughals. Escaping the vibrant cacophony of Market Street, you can peel off to this historic site. While not in its original condition and without the flowing water of its namesake, you will still get a taste of the peaceful sanctuary once enjoyed by royalty past.
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- Period: 1700 AD - Hours: daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: No Special Requirements
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