Jain Mandir Dadabari

Jain Temple From Late Mughal Era

Winding up the Zafar Mahal Road and passing the Madhi Masjid, you will find a white building to the right rising above the asphalt below. Colorfully dressed women with their dutiful husbands and children cross the street and enter the white complex.

If you are to follow, you would find the pristine white marble of the Jain temple spread before you. Pockets of colorful rooms decorated in mosaics of stone and mirror fill the complex with spectacular beauty. Jains robed in white clothe are scattered through the buildings, making their petitions to one of the deities of the Jain pantheon or quietly conversing together.

Spanning from the life of D. D. Guru Manidhari Jinachandra Sri Ji in the 1100's to modern day Mehrauli, the Jain Mandir Dadabari persists as a calm representative of worship and history.
Quick Reference

- Period: 12th Century (Believed Origin Story) | 19th - 20th Century (Current Complex) - Hours: Daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: Modest Clothes
Additional Information

A core religious principle for Jains is not to harm any living thing. This includes the ants on the ground or the mosquitos above.
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