Is The Water Safe To Drink In India?

The Short Answer

If you are not Indian (born and raised), no. But there are a plethora of safe options available to you!

The Long Answer

The water is here not friendly toward the non-Indian stomach. (And unfortunately, sometimes not even friendly towards Indian stomachs) You will want to drink either bottled water, available at most convenience stands and restaurants, or RO (reverse osmosis) water. If your water is sealed before drinking, you can rest assured! All our experiences, tours and employees take this into consideration. So whether you are eating in an Indian home or cooling off during tour, we have ensured the water is safe to drink. There is nothing quite like a refreshing glass of thaanda panee (cold water). Now that you know the secrets of India’s drinking water, you step boldly forward into adventure! Do not wait any longer! If you think water is exciting, we can’t wait to share the greater treasures of our historic Mehrauli.


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