When Is The Best Time To Visit India?

The Short Answer


The Long Answer

So your not impressed with that spectacular non-answer above? Understandable. There really is no short answer to this question because its not an easy question to answer. Never fear! For we have some recommendations for how to plan your trip. One approach is the idea of planning your trip around some of the major festivals in Mehrauli and India — Dawaali, Holi, Ramzan, Phool Waalon ki Sair, etc. — which are scattered throughout the year. Another point of consideration is weather. If that is the main point of concern, we would recommend coming in early spring or fall. In the warm months, May-September, the temperatures can easily be above 40° C (+100° F) with the later months being very humid with the monsoon season. In the winter months, Delhi / Mehrauli can often have poor air quality because of people making fires to keep warm. Regardless of your criteria, with the appropriate considerations India is an amazing place to visit year round. If you have any other thoughts or questions about the timing of your trip, let us know! We love this country and want to share that passion with you as well.


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