Do I Need Special Insurance For India?

The Short Answer

While not obligatory, it is encouraged. Check your current plan(s), and see if they offer any type of coverage for international travel. If not, you may consider getting the additional coverage for your trip.

The Long Answer

There are no requirements, forcing you to have such insurance. But the general wisdom is to see what coverage you already have and what else is offered. The primary areas of concern are health, airline cancellation / delays and lost / stolen luggage. There is nothing that can derail a trip quite like the airline cancelling your flight. And nothing more frustrating than spending multiple days without luggage because your bag became sentient and leapt out of the trolley. Don’t let these nuisances ruin your trip! Consider getting travel insurance. Before arrival check with your health insurance, credit card providers or your airlines additional services about traveling to India. You may already be covered for certain international travel protections. If you are interested in additional coverage, you may look into purchasing travel insurance. Two coverage options to consider are:

- Travel Guard   

- World Nomads 

The unexpected whims of airlines and leaping luggage may try to ruin your trip to India. But this is too fantastic a place let such petty things distract. Come prepared! Make a plan to see something more than the much loved Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar. Real exploration and connection awaits you here in Mehrauli. We look forward to having you as our guest!


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