I Heard Cows Freely Walk Around The Streets In India. What Do I Need To Know About Animals In India?

The Short Answer

Yes India is populated with herds of street savvy bovine. And they are only one of many interesting creatures to call this country their home.

The Long Answer

Cows do walk willy-nilly throughout the streets of India. For the most part they are calm and placid creatures, so there is little need for concern. Other wildlife you may see in Mehrauli are pigs, dogs, monkeys and peacocks. Pigs too are largely skittish animals, who will leave you alone. Dogs are not the typical pets of the western world, so we suggest people not to feed or pet them. Then there are the monkeys. Monkeys are fun to observe from a distance, but we advise you not to recreate the King Louie scene from The Jungle Book. Our general recommendations are to avoid eye contact (a sign of aggression), give them a wide berth and keep your food and drink hidden when around them. And as for peacocks, just admire them in all their colorful splendor! Just walking down an Indian street or among the ruins of Mehrauli can be an memorable zoo-like experience. Perhaps you’ll come to see Balban’s Tomb in the Archeological Park. On the way you could see a peacock, become friends with a mongoose and discover a family of owls. Such was the unexpected experience of one of our guests. Mehrauli has endless potential for exploration and discovery. And the animals of India are just one small part of this experience. So we hope to have you join us soon!


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