Is There Anything I Need To Know About Visiting Religious Sites?

#Religious Sites
The Short Answer

Yes. You are encouraged to give the same respect to the worshippers and sites as you would want to be shown concerning your own beliefs.

The Long Answer

In Mehrauli there are six of India’s major religions represented, and with in those different faiths there are unique subsets of belief. The six are: Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. The majority of the religious sites are open to the public, pending any worship service or festival. Considering the multi-dimensional diversity of Mehrauli’s religious community, we recommend a primary principle of conveying respect and honor. This is communicated in three primary ways:

- Our attire - wearing conservative clothing, covering of one’s head (check out our FAQ: Clothing)

- Our actions - taking of shoes before entering a place of worship, properly washing, etc.

- And our words

- seeking to understand the religion and its devotees in a real and genuine way . If you still have questions or hesitations, we are ready to help!

As your host and guide, we at Project Mehrauli are eager to help you connect with the people of Mehrauli and learn about their worship practices.


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