Are Visas Required For Travel To India?

The Short Answer


The Long Answer

Yes, and thankfully, the Indian government has made the process much easier with the e-Visa process. Use this link to begin the application process. Here are some important things to know:

- You will select the e-Tourist visa category of the e-Visa.

- You may apply online a minimum 4 days and a maximum 120 days in advance of the date of arrival.

- Your e-Visa will be something you’ll need to print off before you hop on the flight to India.

- When you arrive in the Delhi airport, there is a special line for those with e-Visas.

If you think you might be visiting more than once in the coming years, you should consider applying for the Regular Tourist Visa. This visa will permit you multiple entries into India, granted the application process is more expensive and time demanding than the e-Visa. If you wish to learn about the application process follow this link. And when you are ready to apply for the visa you go to the Cox & King Global Services website. Here’s somethings to take note of before starting the process:

- Make sure your passport is up to date. It will need to be valid for at least six more months and have at least two open visa pages.

- You’ll need both a digital and physical 2x2 passport style photo.

- This process requires you to ship your physical passport, so plan your travels accordingly.

It won’t be long now until you have your visa in hand, boarding a flight to India! Enjoy the adventure. If you find yourself in our neighborhood, we at Project Mehrauli look forward to serving you as our guest.


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