Metcalfe's House - Dilkhusha (Quli Khan's Tomb)

Mughal Tomb And British Residence

One of the fascinating things about Mehrauli is the layers of history hidden around every corner. This structure is a prime example of such sites. Originally constructed by the Mughal’s as a tomb to Quli Khan, it was later adapted to as countryside home for Sir Thomas Metcalfe. Dilkhusha, Metacalfe’s name for his little retreat, translates from Urdu to “delight of the heart”. With the Indian architecture combined with his British sensibilities, the property aptly represented the two great loves of Metcalfe. Today it begins to intersect with a new era of history, a modern era. So it now stands as a reminder of bygone days. Instead of finding people leisurely strolling through the various pathways, the grassy lawns are occupied by locals seeking other forms of leisure. At the right time you can find people playing cricket or flying kites. Each within the shadow of Metcalfe’s delight and hundreds of years of history.

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- Period: 17th century (tomb), 19th century (residence) - Hours: daytime - Cost: 0 - Attire: No Special Requirements
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